Navarro Ticket Sales

Due to technical difficulties with the Navarro High School football ticketing system, GISD will be selling visitor tickets for the Giddings vs Navarro football game on Friday.

The capacity of the bleachers on the visitor side of Navarro's stadium is very limited due to the size of the bleachers and UIL COVID procedures. 

The final count is still being negotiated but it is expected that approximately 200 tickets will be available for purchase by Giddings fans.

Ticket sales will close either when sold out or no later than Friday morning at 10am.

Even though GISD is using our own ticketing system for ticket sales, there will be no option for purchasing tickets after 10am on Friday.  Ticket holders will be required to display their purchase either with a hard copy or on their device. All tickets will have a unique ID and will be verified on entry.

Tickets will be available for purchase by the general public beginning at noon on Wednesday.
A link to the ticketing system will be released on the GISD websites and GISD social media at that time.

The game will be livestreamed via the KGID website,