Giddings Independent School District will be an exemplary provider of educational services which will meet the needs of every student.

In order to meet the needs of every student, the school district will be characterized by a culture that includes:

  • A shared vision that guides decisions.

  • Schools that are inviting, supportive, and a safe place where relationships are paramount.

  • Students and educators that are actively engaged in learning.

  • Leaders that are courageous and collaborative.

  • A staff that values their role as educators and constantly seeks to learn and improve.

  • High expectations for every member of the learning community.

  • School-initiated family and community partnerships.

  • Curriculum that is relevant, challenging, and exploratory.

  • Multiple learning and teaching approaches that respond to diversity.

  • Assessment and evaluation programs that promote quality learning.

  • School-wide systems and policies that foster health, wellness, and safety.

  • Organizational structures that support meaningful relationships and learning.


Goal 1. Improve student achievement

Goal 2. Provide instruction by highly qualified teachers

Goal 3. Provide safe and orderly climate, conducive to learning

Goal 4. Support student achievement through home, community and school communication

Goal 5. Achieve fiscal responsibility that allows for effective operations and the fulfillment of the district’s vision, mission, and goals.