SWAP Rules - Guidelines

From the GISD Athletics Department:


We are so excited to be getting the opportunity to have SWAP again this year.  However, due to the Coronavirus, there are many new regulations and guidelines that must be understood and adhered to.  Giddings ISD is taking every necessary measure to ensure the safety of our athletes.  It will be a group effort and everyone must be focused on doing their job to protect this family.  Below is a list of guidelines and information on how SWAP will work this year.  

  • Times / Drop off location / Pick up Location 

    • HS Boys:  8:00 - 10:30 / Stadium / Stadium

    • HS Girls:  8:15 - 10:30 / HS Main Gym entrance / HS Main Gym Entrance

    • MS Boys:  10:45 - 12:00 / Stadium / Stadium

    • MS Girls:  10:45 - 12:00 / HS Main Gym Entrance / HS Main Gym Entrance

  • Days:  SWAP will run Beginning Monday June 8th and will be Monday - Thursdays

  • This is Phase 1 of SWAP.  Please be flexible with us as we adjust due to numbers, UIL and state protocol, and best practices for our athletes.  

  • Every day will start with a Roll Call / Health Screening.  It is very important to be on time.  

  • All Athletes will be required to fill out a “Current Health Status Form” prior to the start of each week.  This form will be sent out through google classroom on Fridays and MUST be filled out and signed prior to coming to camp on Mondays.  It can be filled out on-line.  

  • All athletes are responsible for supplying their own personal water bottle.  The bottle MUST be labeled with their name on it.  NO Water will be supplied.  

  • Athletes will not be allowed in the locker room or any type of indoor facilities.  They will ONLY be allowed to use the restrooms that have been assigned to that given facility.  

  • All athletes will be held responsible to wipe down and disinfect their workout area following their workout. Hand sanitizer and wipes will be provided in the weight room.  A built-in Sanitizing time will be a part of all workout sessions.  

  • Proper Social distancing will be enforced while on the track and the football field.  

  • All Athletes are responsible for following all protocol of drop-off / pick-up locations and transition routes.  Instructions for each group will be given by coaches.  

Please print out and sign this form: https://5il.co/gwtk


Due to Covid-19 the UIL has made some changes to the requirements for pre-participation physicals. 

 Every student participant must complete a medical history form.  

Students with medical concerns in their medical history will need a physical. 

Students that have not previously participated in UIL activities will need a new physical for the upcoming school year.  

Students with a clear medical history and already have a physical on file from the previous year are cleared to play.