GHS Parent Night - Incoming Freshman

Giddings High School will hold a Parent Information Meeting for parents of incoming freshmen of the next school year ( 2020-21 ).

The meeting will take place on Thursday March 19, starting at 6:00 P.M.

The following is a letter from GHS Counselor Jill Smith-Mott:


Dear parents, 

We are looking forward to having your student with us next year, and, for the next three years after that, as they grow and build their knowledge base and social skills to move into the next stage of their life.  The transition from Middle School to High School is a big one, and we will begin scheduling eight graders soon.

In preparation for scheduling, we are holding an important parent information night Wednesday March 19 in the GHS Cafetorium.   We will present information on scheduling, graduation plans, and other general information. 

Parents and students are invited, but it is not a mandatory meeting for either.  It is designed to introduce some of the things you will be hearing about in the next four years of your child’s education.  We look forward to seeing you there and answering some of the questions you may have as your students take this big leap to high school. --

Jill Smith-Mott


Giddings High School

979-542-3352 ext. 2905