GISD Administration Building

At approximately 9am this morning, the Giddings Police Department posted notice on social media detailing a search for a suspected drug dealer who was involved in a traffic stop and ran on foot. He was last seen near Brookshire Brothers. Immediately upon receiving this information, Giddings ISD put all campuses on "lock-out."  A Lock-Out  (or Shelter-In-Place) secures the campus, disallowing any entrance or exit until the safety of the students can be assured.

After the lock-out, additional information obtained from the Giddings Police Department clarified that the traffic stop occurred near midnight, and it is believed the suspect is no longer in the area, or a threat to Giddings ISD campuses.

At 9:45am, Chief Haril Walpole of Giddings Police Department informed GISD administration "We have stopped looking for the suspect at this time and assume he has left the city."

All GISD campuses have been released from the lock-out status.

A photo of the suspect and additional information can be found on the Giddings Police Department facebook page.