Giddings ISD Seal

Official Notification From Giddings I.S.D.  Superintendent Dr. Ray DeSpain

        Earlier today, I received information that several School Districts in the state had received non-credible school threats (via e-mail) claiming to be from a Russian terrorist organization. Giddings ISD was not one of the schools receiving a threat.  After immediate investigations by several local and state law enforcement entities, including the Texas Rangers, the threats were deemed to be a “hoax.” The origin of the e-mails is still under investigation by authorities.  There was never any indication at any time that Giddings ISD students or staff were ever in any danger, nor did we feel it necessary to consider enacting lockdown or cancellation procedures.  Please rest assured that student and staff safety will remain our top priority, and that any and all measures will always be enacted if needed to protect the District and those we serve.