Power Up!


We are excited to kick off the month of September with a focus on teaching students how to fuel their bodies with nutritious foods through a Power Your Performance theme.  This is the first theme of the school year in the Discovery Kitchen series of interactive food and nutrition education. From competitive athletes working to achieve peak performance, to any student looking to power through their active day, demonstrations and interactive events will show students how eating the right foods can help them perform at their best and stay ahead of the game. 

In September, café staff will organize Discovery Kitchen experiences in the cafeteria and classrooms with interactive ways students can taste and learn all about performance foods. These include:

  • Featured recipes on our menus designed to provide the best kind of energy for any kind of physical activity.

  • A Power Up! logo used on the serving line to identify those activity-fueling food choices at school mealtimes.

  • Demonstrations featuring power-packed fruit and yogurt treats.  Students have the opportunity to taste new yogurt flavors, while learning how to prepare a delicious new recipe that will help fuel them up for all of their activities.

  • Interactive elementary classroom lessons created by our expert dietitians that lead students through fun activities and give them some take-home tips on eating well to stay active. 

Look for more information on scheduled dates for Discovery Kitchen events, and please join us and our students in the fun!