Band Members Qualify for UIL State Solo & Ensemble Competition

Saturday, Feb. 17th, select Buffalo Band students participated in the UIL Region Solo and Ensemble Competition in Smithville. 26 band students competed in 24 events with 5 students qualifying for UIL State Solo and Ensemble in May.

State Qualifiers include Cassidy Lucas with her Flute Solo, Ronaldo Montoya, Landan Gaertner, Shirley Linares, and Beau Barrager with their Trumpet Quartet. Ronaldo Montoya also qualified with his trumpet solo. 

The remaining results are as follows:


Cassidy Lucas - First Division *State Qualifier

Anastasia Lara - First Division

Jennifer Lara - Second Division

Flute Trio - Second Division

- Cassidy Lucas

- Anastaia Lara

- Jeniffer Lara


Yaricza Mendoza - First Division

Clarinet Quartet - Second Division

- Logan Young

- Selene Salazar

- Maggie Cougar

- Yaricza Mendoza

Bass Clarinet

Paige Janner - Second Division

Alto Sax

Grace Becvar- Second Division

Tenor Sax

Tyler Royal - First Division


Ronaldo Montoya - First Division *State Qualifier

Beau Barrager - First Division

Yovanny Escalante - Third Division

Alexis Muniz - Third Division

Trumpet Quartet- First Division State Qualifier

- Ronaldo Montoya

- Landan Gaertner

- Shirley Linares

- Beau Barrager


Dylan Hernandez - First Division


David Becvar - Second Division


Shawna Biar - First Division

Miles Perez - First Division


Ashton Mann - First Division


Alaina Goodloe - Second Division

Faith Crockett - First Division

Lily Biar - First Division

Lyla Harville - First Division

Priscilla Lehmann - Second Division

The next event for the Mighty Buffalo Band will be Blinn Music Meet on March 21-22 and the UIL Concert and Sight Reading Evaluation on March 27-28 in Bastrop.