Karen Gonzales - 11th and 12th

Alejandra Caldera - 9th and 10th

How can I meet with my counselor?  You can send an email to your counselor or you can have a teacher call for you to check when we are available and to sign-up. Your counselor will call you down from class.

What if it's an emergency?  Please come to the front office or have a teacher call for you. Emergencies get first priority.


Our purpose is to support the development of all GHS students. We work to help students achieve the highest success in the classroom and in society.  We can help with personal issues like stress management, relationships, grief, and conflict management skills; academic issues such as career and college planning support, academic motivation, goal setting, and planning schedules; and home life issues like handling divorce, family stresses, and homelessness.  We are also here for times of crisis.


If you are an 8th grader registering for the 9th grade, you will need the following documents:

Course Description Guide 24-25

Course Selection Form 24-25

Course Selection Presentation


In order to maintain a trusting counseling relationship, what is discussed during counseling will be kept strictly confidential, with a few exceptions that we aren't allowed to keep secret.

1. Harm to yourself

2. Harm to others, or someone is breaking the law

3. School safety

4. Information requested by a subpoena (court order)


College Planning

Learning Resources