One Act Play

The Giddings ISD High School Theater Production class presents: 

AFTER HOURS, an award-winning comedy by Kevin Stone.  Giddings High School participates each year in the UIL One Act Play contest. This year's play stars: Kaleigh Pampell, Kadense Kennedy and Carlos Chavez Cruz as three hard-working mannequins and Benjamin Symm and Priscilla Lehmann as two bungling burglars.  Supporting cast includes:  Jazmin Zachary, Jordan Carvin, Samantha Matthijetz, Noah Thamez, Tamaya Farr and Angelik Arce. Stage Manager: Anastasia Lara. Student Technical Director Alaina Goodloe. Crew: Faith Crockett, Zoe Roschetzky, Kaeden Wachsman.

ABOUT THE SHOW: “All is quiet in the storefront as the owner of a small clothes shop locks up for the night.  Little does she know that when the lights go out, activity in her store really picks up!  Two lively mannequins, LuAnn and Patty, have been waiting all day for a chance to loosen up. When they discover fellow mannequin Danny in a mistakenly delivered crate, the night really gets interesting!  The new mannequin on the block talks of his dreams of becoming a crash test dummy — “No more standing all day with a crooked hairpiece!”  He not only gets out of his box, he thinks outside the box when a pair of bungling burglars break in.  With Danny taking the reins, the mannequins show the crooks who the real “dummies” are, playing games with their minds, frightening them out of their wits and sending them on their way!  To add to the fun and suspense, the burglars and mannequins are almost caught by the near-sighted security guard and some late-night window shoppers.  With great comic dialogue and stage action, you won’t want the curtain to close on this crazy award-winning comedy, popular with all ages!”

Director April Daniels says: "These performers are so talented!  They bring this wonderful, hilarious show to life with warmth and humor.  They have worked hard to prepare and audiences are sure to laugh and applaud their performance."  The One Act Play contest will be held in Caldwell, TX on March 7th.  

A FREE preview show for the public will be performed at Giddings High School on February 29th at 7pm.  Come see this comedy with your friends and family.  Appropriate for all ages.