UIL Academic District Winners Announced

On Friday March 24th, the Giddings High School UIL Academics teams traveled to Blinn College in Brenham to compete against district schools. Regional Qualifiers will compete at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches on April 21 & 22. 


Emily Butler-1st (Regional Qualifier), Rocky Eyler-2nd (Regional Qualifier), Rylan Sailors-3rd (Regional Qualifier), Jonathan Luna-4th, and Jay Kohlman-5th, and 1st place team (Regional Qualifiers):  Emily Butler, Rocky Eyler, Rylan Sailors, and Jonathan Luna

Computer Applications:

Ehren Mitschke–1st  (Regional Qualifier), Leana Mitri–2nd  (Regional Qualifier), and Paige Janner–3rd  (Regional Qualifier)

Computer Science:

Kayden Bloodworth–1st (Regional Qualifier), Evan Young–4th, Braden Meuth–5th, and 1st place team (Regional Qualifiers):  Kayden Bloodworth, Evan Young, Braden Meuth, and Kooper Bloodworth

Copy Editing:

Sonya Bhakta–3rd (Regional Qualifier) and Paige Janner–6th

Editorial Writing:

Paige Aguilar–3rd (Regional Qualifier)

Feature Writing:

Paige Aguilar–2nd (Regional Qualifier)


Rex Raz–2nd (Regional Qualifier) and Baylie Becker–6th, and 2nd place team (Regional Qualifiers):  Rex Raz, Baylie Becker, Kayden Bloodworth, and Javier Ruvalcaba

News Writing:

Paige Aguilar–2nd  (Regional Qualifier)

Number Sense;

Baylie Becker–1st  (Regional Qualifier), Nathan Michael–4th, and Brandon Burgdorf—-5th, and 1st place team (Regional Qualifiers):  Baylie Becker, Nathan Michael, Brandon Burgdorf, and Virginio Lara

Poetry Interpretation:

Iliana Zavala–1st (Regional Qualifier) and Samantha Matthijetz–3rd (Regional Qualifier)

Prose Interpretation:

Reagan Hinze–2nd (Regional Qualifier)

Ready Writing:

Jay Kohlman–5th and Luke Siegmund–6th


Baylie Becker–1st (Regional Qualifier) and Biology, Chemistry, and Physics Top Scorer, Leana Mitri–2nd (Regional Qualifier) and Chemistry- 2nd place, Maggie Couger–4th, and Sonya Bhakta–5th, and 1st place team (Regional Qualifiers):  Baylie Becker, Leana Mitri, Maggie Couger, and Sonya Bhakta

Social Studies:

Ricky Trevino–3rd (Regional Qualifier), Ana Garcia–4th, and Avery Mueller–5th, and 2nd place team: Ricky Trevino, Ana Garcia, Avery Mueller, and Sadie Michel

Spelling and Vocabulary:

Lillie Pietsch–3rd (Regional Qualifier), Kamdin Soto–5th, and