Moodies at the GES Cafeteria

NEW CAFETERIA PROGRAM COMING TO Giddings Elementary and Intermediate Cafes 

February 3, 2020

Emerging research suggests that the food we eat can affect our mental well-being. To help students learn what foods may help them feel their personal best, Chartwells is launching a new program…Mood Boost!

Designed for elementary- and middle-school students by our Culinary Innovation Council, this innovative program will focus on 6 categories of moods: Alert, Calm, Confident, Happy, Smart and Strong. These categories have the strongest body of emerging scientific evidence of how a healthy eating pattern that includes these foods on a regular basis may support these feelings of well-being.  

During February thru March, the Elementary and Intermediate cafeteria team will launch the seven-week Mood Boost program with an interactive event where students can taste new menu items that can help them understand how healthy foods and nutrients can positively impact their well being.  

The following six weeks of the program include:

  • Weekly emphasis on one Mood - delicious recipes are prominently featured on the menu that support a healthy eating pattern which can improve how students feel.
  • Collectible giveaways will feature key ingredients, food facts and recipes help bring the Mood Boost Program outside of the café and remind students to choose healthy foods all day long! 
  • Marketing and communication materials to inform and educate parents and students about Mood Boost and encourage participation in the program. This includes media materials that we are happy to share with the District communications contact to highlight this innovative program with the community.

Mood Boost is another example of how all of us at Chartwells are working to ensure that students leave the cafeteria happier and healthier than they came in. We’re proud to be bringing even more education and fun to lunchtime! 

We would be happy to talk further with you about our new program and hope you will join us during the months of February and March to experience the delicious recipes we are promoting.  


Traci Campbell

Director of Dining