Make An Impact!

Family Impact Night will be moved to this Thursday, Nov. 21, rather than the previously scheduled Wednesday. This is to accommodate any classroom assignments and tests that might be affected due to the early release on Friday.

Family Impact Night was initiated during the 2017-2018 school year when GISD designated one night a month to be homework free. The goal is to encourage families to foster, re-establish, or even strengthen relationships in the household. 

It was the hope that this small change in Giddings’s homework procedures would  bring families back together during the busy week so parents could feel as though they have more time to positively impact their children.  Parents, after all, provide the greatest education to their children in nearly all of the most important areas of life.  Providing some quality time for parents to do just that, is a top priority of Giddings ISD.

Suggested Family Impact Activities:

Have a family meal (No phones or other devices; No TV; Each member of the family responsible for a part of the meal)
Participate in family movie night
Take a family walk
Play at the park
Attend church
Read together
Complete a community service project
Eat out together with no devices
Go for a drive with the radio off
Take a picnic at the park
Plan any other activity that promotes families engaging with each other in a meaningful way

Make An Impact!