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Giddings Independent School District provides a wide variety of technological resources to students and staff for the purpose of achieving its educational mission. These resources are provided and maintained at the District’s-and therefore the public’s-expense. Members of the school community are to use them responsibly and as good stewards of this community resource.

Technology and instruction go hand in hand in Giddings ISD. Please take a minute to click on the side links to explore the technology available in Giddings schools.

You will find a mix of technology integration ideas and how-to's on these pages.

Tech Trouble?

Please submit your request via our GISD Helpdesk Link under Staff, Staff Resources


call the Tech Hotline at ext. 1610.

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Click for information on currently available software and/or subscriptions:

SMART Notebook

SMART Notebook software can be found on all staff desktop computers in GISD. That means that even though you may not have a SMARTboard you may still utilize the powerful software designed for SMARTboard use.

With the use of your mouse or a SMART slate, the SMART Notebook software can provide you and your students with engaging, interactive activities.

This page will provide some great resources for using SMART Notebook:

SMART Notebook 10 Online Tutorials

SMART Exchange

SMART YouTube Tutorials

Technology In Education

"Technology in education should be about changing instruction, not about the technology itself..."

- anonymous

Click these links to view state and national technology expectations:

Technology Application TEKS

NETS for Students

NETS for Teachers

NETS for Administrators